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This is a long term project to first furnish, renovate and eventually extend this large house in Surrey. 
The clients' initial brief was to first develop a shopping list of furnitures that could suite together and populate the rooms and give an overall aesthetic coherence to the house. The curation of the furnitures were informed by a preference for simple modern pieces with a Scandinavian sensibility, particular the use of warm wooden elements that also echoes the material palettes of Chinese furniture. 
This motif of warm timber elements was taken forward into a mood board for the future fit out of the whole house, which informs the choices of wooden floors, wall panelling, and kitchen joinery.
Built onto this mood board, is a set of sketches and drawings setting out the long term vision for the house to be altered and expanded. Starting from the merging of the kitchen and dining room, and the alteration of the ground floor study, ending with options for the parts of the rear of the house to be extended to create additional family space.
This work enables the client to have a clear long term vision for how they would like to grow their family and their house, whilst maintaining a clear design and aesthetic coherence throughout the whole process. 
Location: Chertsy, Surrey
Client: Private
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